Cat Adoption Application

We ask potential adopters to first complete an application as we are an all-volunteer foster organization.  By having you first complete the application, we are able to coordinate a meet ‘n greet between you, the foster family and an adoption counselor from the shelter.  Like you, we work full-time jobs and our busy with our families, so please be patient.  We’re very committed to placing our pets in forever homes and thank you in advance for selecting adoption versus buying a pet!

Please note that each of our pets carry an adoption fee which helps defray any medical expenses incurred while in our care.

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Number of adults in your household and relationship to you:
Name and Employer of each adult:

Name, Address and phone number of your veterinarian

Two references with names, relationship to you, and phone numbers

Do you rent or own RentOwn
Length of time at current address
If you rent - do you have your landlord's permission to have a cat? YesNo
If you rent - name, address and phone number of landlord:

Number of children in your household and ages:
Are all the members of your household in agreement with this adoption?

Is there a specific pet you are interested in? (Perhaps you saw a dog or cat on our website or facebook page that caught your eye?)

Number of pets currently in your household - please list type of pet, pet's name, age and breed of each:

Are/were all of your pets spayed or neutered YesNo
If not, why?
Are/were all of your dog's heartworm tested and on heartworm preventative and are all cats Felv tested? YesNo
Have you ever had to give up a pet and if so, why?
Do you plan to keep the cat inside, outside or both?
If outside what shelter will be provided
Do you plan to de-claw? YesNo
If yes, what method? LaserBlade
Why do you want to adopt a cat?

How much time do you think you will need to devote to grooming?
How much money do you expect to spend monthly on food, grooming, toys and accessories?
What brand and type of cat food do you feed or will you feed?
Please describe what kind of cat you are looking for, age, sex, color, etc.

Please give us any other information you would like us to know which may help us in finding the best cat for you

Regrettably, we may not be able to approve an adoption if a particular animal's needs are not compatible with a prospective adopter's profile. The Emmet County Animal Shelter reserves the right to refuse an adoption if the screening volunteer does not feel that the placement is a reasonable match for the animal's needs. All animals remain the property of the Emmet County Animal Shelter until an adoption contract has been completed, with necessary signatures, and the adoption fee has been paid. This screening form is in no way binding nor does it in any way constitute an agreement to adopt or provide adoption.

For more information on our adoptable cats, please email or call 712.209.1288.

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